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Loki As Light-Bearer

Word on the street is that Loki has somewhat of a “bad” reputation. Just the mention of his name can bring the best of heathens to the point of lewd shouting matches, and has certainly made many a face twist with a look of utter disgust. “He’s a trickster and untrustworthy”, some say. Others simply shake their head and walk away. I stand, planted in my position, and await the storm’s pass, always asking myself how anyone could see my “Lord of Light” in such negative terms.

I have been around the block a time or two. I have delved into many cultures, many myths, and surprisingly, they all have similarities. There is always a “good” side and a “bad” side in a constant struggle for control over the “civilians”. What surprised me most was that many of the deities who are now deemed “evil” were at one time thought to be the better of the lot. The idea that a god or goddess could fall from grace, so to speak, made me want to understand how such a thing might happen. We, as humans, find ourselves rise and fall from different situations throughout our lifetimes, but the gods, who could think such a thing?!

It is said that knowledge is power.  This power grants us the ability to think for ourselves, to have all pieces of the puzzle before us, and most importantly, to make choices that are most beneficial to us. Take, for instance, the Greek, Prometheus, who stole fire (knowledge) from Zeus and gave it to the people. This was an act of love that essentially demonized Prometheus.

Loki, like Prometheus, gives us the gift of illumination. Naturally, other gods were not pleased as certain knowledge was considered to be for the godly alone. Loki, however, had a much better understanding of the people. He had been misled, treated poorly, and mocked by those who would keep knowledge from the masses. We only have to look into the myths to see all demonized to understand their sacrifice.

In closing, Loki’s most precious gift to us, his children, is the illumination of truth — knowledge. Embrace it. I am overwhelmed with emotion, the tingle of Loki hovering over my shoulder whispering, “All things come to an end. All things die and are reborn. This is the cycle of life. It is not the end.”