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Separation of Church and State?

NOTE: this is a rant.

I’m running behind a couple of days but wanted to write about the results concerning marriage equality in North Carolina (NC), my home state. I can’t express how shocked and saddened I was to see the results, and I wholeheartedly look forward to the legal steps to come.

I stood in line — in a church! — to cast my vote. I have a serious issue with this. Not because I have issues with churches, or what religion anyone is or isn’t, but that it clearly gives the impression that church and state are not separate. I felt incredibly uncomfortable in that environment and I wondered how many people who may have come through those doors and were standing in the same line staring at the giant cross on the wall may have felt some sense of guilt about voting against discrimination. Maybe no one felt that way, but I think on a subconscious level, it’s very possible.

We the people…this refers to unity, that we stand as one! This means we are equal no matter what our race, our gender, our sexual orientation, our class — everything! Nobody has the right to determine an entire group of people are not worthy of their rights. This is what happens when religion and politics mix. People have an obligation to their religion, whether they are an active practitioner or not. You can be a “Sunday Christian”, party your ass off, live an un-Christ-like life and still, based on your religion, feel that you are somehow justified in denying other people their rights. WTF is that?! I can’t decide if it’s hundreds of years worth of brainwashing or ignorance. Hell, it’s probably a combination of those and the hate that is bred from generation to generation throughout the South. I’m not making judgments, I’m speaking truths. I was one of those Christian fundamentalists once, and I was met many times with what I knew in my heart was right and what my Church pounded in my head was right. There was a conflict there that was so toxic that had I not eventually left to be who I am, I would have most likely left this life long ago.

Loki coming into my life was no accident. He has inspired me with heated passion to be who I am and to fight against those who would deny me of my rights. Like so many of us, Loki understands persecution and hatred. He has seen the wrath of ignorance and is active in the fight for individuality. Never give up the fight for what is rightfully yours! Never back down!