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Loki’s Invasion

Loki entered my life very quietly. Only recently did I come to the realization that he has been orchestrating my return to magick for almost a year now. And now, I completely embrace him and his many lessons. I do not subscribe to the notion of “coincidence”. Everything happens for a reason. That being said, Loki is the often chaotic and comical, and sometimes deadly serious reason I will spill out my experiences like blood slowly seeping from prey onto these perfectly white and awkwardly bright pages. My journey is neither light nor dark, but beyond in the realm of chaotic colors weaving together as do crayons jumping outside lines to create a mystical and dynamic ride within myself. (Loki inspires adjectives, so I give adjectives!)

I have many things in common with Loki. I was adopted. I am a shapeshifter — physically as transman, and spiritually as Wolf. I am chaotic to the core (don’t mistake chaos as a negative!). I am a weaver of creative energy, with my head high in the clouds, often dreaming of exotic places and shiny things. And, I am also a dark soul, deeply passionate, easily wounded, often midunderstood, seeking nothing but love and acceptance. I can be your closest friend, a brother in arms, or I can be your worst nightmare if attacked. I am a Being of the heart, and it certainly runs rampant with me!

I have read the Saga’s, the Edda’s, heard every bitter claim spewed in contempt of Loki and his kind. I’ve actually heard more than enough to make me see that those with such little minds are of the same ilk as those who would condemn me for not following Christ. I left the church and its restrictions long ago. Ignorance has no place in matters of the heart and soul. Leave your prejudices at the door please!

I now take up the challenge set before me a year ago. I, as an agent of Loki, move forward, learning and sharing his lessons to those worthy of such rhymes and riddles.