All In The Family

Recently, I came to realize that I am being drawn toward other gods. I understand this is quite normal and I welcome it. My journey is as much about my own evolution as it is about the lessons I will learn along my way. Loki has definitely made his mark upon me — he has opened my eyes to see that being true to myself in all ways is the most healthy way to grow. It hasn’t always been easy for me to simply be myself. People can be judgmental and harsh without even knowing you, but as Loki so brilliantly pointed out, “Fuck ’em!”

The ability to let my walls down, open myself to others and explore deeper into the darkest corners of my being has become a vital aspect of my journey within. Loki pops up along the way, often offering his opinion on whatever madness is swimming around in my brain, and he has also led me to understand that there is so much I can learn from his family. Each child is a part of Loki, each having their own distinct lessons to teach, but all leading back to the whole of the family.

Years ago, I began to explore Hel, then later, once I awakened as Wolf, I felt a deep connection with Fenrir, which ultimately led me to Loki. I’ve had dreams in which Odin and Skadi have appeared, so I also feel drawn to them as well. As of late, I have been exploring the serpent/dragon aspects, specifically Apep (Egyptian) and Jörmungandr. I have not previously had such a strong interest in seeking out the serpent/dragon, yet I am clearly called to hear their messages!

I have been involved with both online and real-life communities over the past 25 years. If there is one lesson I have learned in dealing with them, it is that drama and nonsense leads to a break in unity, which them leads to the inevitable failure of the work at hand. In those years, I’ve learned many things, and the one thing that still holds true, unfortunately, is that there will always be those who wish to create a divide. One evening recently while I was contemplating whether or not I should continue being part of a specific group that had become dysfunctional, I heard the wisdom of Loki streaming through my mind. He made clear his reasoning, which was that what was important in the situation had nothing to do with whether I remained a member of the group or not, but that I continue MY journey and let those with less than honorable intentions stay weak and depraved of the gifts of the gods. Loki is right, not just for me, but for all of us. It is important that we remember our personal goals, our journey, and our work with the gods. Whether those we meet along the way become Brothers and Sisters, or undefined in our lives depends on how we handle such situations. The path in which we have started walking is not an easy one. There will be persecution, ignorance, and obstacles along the way, but if we carry on, our goals in sight and our relationships with the gods as our focus, we will persevere.

Cut away those things which would keep you from reaching your goals. We have much to learn and much to explore. The gods await us!


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I am a Lokean and a LHP Occultist. I am a Transman with interests including the exploration of chaos magick, Rokkr, Northern Tradition Shamanism, Seidr, ancient astronaut theories, the Necronomicon, atheistic Satanism, the Luciferian and Draconian currents, Mesopotamian sorcery, FTM activism, animal advocacy, and much more. View all posts by Lucien von Wolfe

5 responses to “All In The Family

  • Katie Anderson

    Excellent post. I’m so glad I found this. I am on a similar path. Odin and Loki are very prominent in my life. Meditations on seidr have shown me imagery of Skadi, Fenris and Jormungand. I come from a diverse background, including also satanism and chaos magic. My earliest patron, since childhood, was Tiamat. So clearly alot of serpentine focus there. I’m curious if you could shed any light on skadi’s role within seidr.

    • Lucien von Wolfe

      I’m glad you like it! I too am quite diverse in my spiritual practice. I also feel a kinship with Tiamat, as well as Hecate, Lilith, Lucifer, and others. I have come to understand the serpent as vital in my personal evolution. I am not a traditionalist, although I love history. I prefer to work within my senses. Skadi, to me, is a mysterious magickal force, so it’s only natural that she would have a hand in my personal seid workings. She seems to represent somewhat of a mirror, reflecting back on what is internal. What are your experiences?

      • Katie Anderson

        I have also worked with Hekate and Lilith. I have always been attracted to serpentine symbols. I’m not a very traditional sort either. It never fails. When I read the myths, I don’t see them the way they are. There’s so much more depth to them than what’s being told. Makes me a lot of fun around reconstructionists. Those soul journeys that seid is identified with, happen at random for me. I have read that others often work themselves into a frenzy to open the gates, and although I’m not a fan of terms like “higher soul”, I think there’s some part of us that instinctively knows that the internal and external conditions are right for that kind of travel. Last night for instance, Odin thought it necessary for some reason to take me to Alfheim. This sort of work is something that has been ultimately natural for me, but that I struggled with since childhood, possession and soul travel. It wasn’t until a few yrs ago that I really began to understand how to properly channel, contain, or utilize it. Even as recently as May, I was bursting with fire and intense heat. Learning about and walking the path of Seid, has been a huge step in making that progression.

      • Lucien von Wolfe

        It’s ironic, I didn’t really accept an attraction to serpentine symbols at first. Then, slowly, I began to see the Dragon everywhere I looked. Now, it is such a huge part of my path. Reconstructionists are funny in general in my opinion lol. Have you ever done any work with the Qliphoth? I’m curious — are you on any social networks? I’d like to connect with you in other places as well if you’re ok with that 🙂

      • Katie Anderson

        I just started reading up on qabala a few months ago. I haven’t worked with klippoth. That’s the shadow side right? Um yeah, I’m on fb.

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