Aaaaand, Action!

Loki is a god of action. As a Charge of Loki, I am a doer. What this means is that I don’t ask or wait for approval, I do what my instincts lead me to do, which is what Loki ultimately wants. I don’t wait around and wonder why Loki hasn’t given me a pat on the back or a big hug. I know in my heart that what I do pleases him and in that knowing, I am honored to be his Charge.

I’ve seen many posts in various places with some questioning whether Loki cares for them or why he no longer speaks to them. Every time I read a post of this nature, I picture Loki rolling his eyes. I completely understand why. Loki is a god — he doesn’t have to do anything. He is not a coddler, although he can be quite affectionate, protective, and intensely loving with those he chooses. The fact that one would question their relationship with Loki should seriously reflect upon themselves. There’s an old saying, “if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen”.

My relationship with Loki is very personal, and while I am on a constant search for other Lokeans, I have met so few who understand Loki in the way I do. Loki is not a “light” god. His entire essence is Dark. This does not mean “evil” or even “negative”. Those who think of light and darkness in those terms would be recommended to study nature. While many separate the two, remember, there must always be a balance between the two for a healthy environment to exist. Aligning with one side versus the other is a sure way to fail on many levels.

I’ve seen an increase in interest in Loki since the “Thor” movie. It makes sense, and Loki does love the attention and adoration, but do not be fooled, Loki is a beautifully complex god who makes his Hollywood counterpart seem like a kitten. Most see the movies, yet they know nothing of Loki, his struggles and his triumphs. It is quite insulting to rely upon fiction as the basis for Loki. It leaves you wondering if he cares for you and it makes you “food” along the way.

I was a Pagan years before embracing Darkness. It was the most important step I took in the evolution of Self. It opened my eyes to knowledge and experience I would have never known. My journey has prepared me for my alignment with Loki and my own spiritual balance. Working with Loki requires balance, often the type of balance one needs to carefully inch along a tight wire dangling miles above the ground! You must know yourself, know your Shadows, and know what you are capable of before embarking on the path of Loki.




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4 responses to “Aaaaand, Action!

  • submerina

    Though I don’t work with Loki, the “he” that I do work with is also very much of the Darkness, while still being capable of intense Light. As you say, it is so much more, so much _richer_ than the simple duality that many people think of. It’s an amazing thing when you finally encounter it – everything else just pales in comparison!

    • Lucien von Wolfe

      I am quite interested in the “he” you work with! Perhaps I work with “him” as well!
      I see Loki, like many that I work with, as being very misunderstood, mostly due to being demonized by those who haven’t the slightest idea about the necessity of balance, which is required to achieve spiritual and personal evolution. I could go on and on, so if you’re up for a chat, send me a message! Thanks for the comment! 🙂

      • submerina

        Well, he’s not a god, but he is divine 🙂 I know him as my daimon, though I think he might qualify as something of a fetch too (as in the ehwaz spirit-spouse idea of a fetch).

        For a while I thought he might be Loki – he has Trickster energy and his primary “physical” appearance is very fitting – but he has said he is not (and does not advise me dealing with Him either).

        I tag all blog entries dealing with him as “daimon” or “Mr Pants”, so they are easy to find if you want to trace the history. Almost all my recent posts have had something to do with him!

      • Lucien von Wolfe

        I am very interested in the aspects of the personal daimon(s). Perhaps you could share your experiences with me? You have definitely peaked my curiosity 🙂

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