Mirror, Mirror…

In my continuing quest to meet more Lokeans, I have found that there are many different descriptions of how Loki might act or how he might appear. The most common image floating around on the web these days is that of movie star, Tom Hiddleston, who portrays Loki in the films Thor and The Avengers. During the Thor frenzy, I remember asking myself how Loki feels about having so many of the movie’s fans associate the face of Hiddleston with him. I didn’t have to think long before Loki let me in on one of his “secrets”.

Loki, as shape shifter, has the ability to be anyone or anything at anytime he so chooses. He can be many things all at once. Most importantly, Loki most often appears to us in the form(s) in which we associate with him. Naturally, Loki wants — but does not need! — our love and adoration. That being said, he appears in a manner that leaves a deep impression stamped on our minds. Not only that, he also appears to us in ways that best match our mood or emotion at the time. Love and adoration aside, Loki really wants to get a rise out of us. The heat of passion in any situation, be it that of love or hate, makes Loki soar.

When I was first “awakening” to my lycanthropic self, and later as I began my transformation from female to male, Loki once again shared his wisdom with me. I had a vivid dream in which Loki led me to stand in front of a large, beautifully ornate mirror. In the refection, I could see Loki with this big, cheesy grin on his face. I then turned my attentions to myself and began to notice that while I peered into my own eyes, I could see myself changing. First, I was a Wolf, white and silver, my blue eyes shining as I marveled my own beauty. I looked up at Loki who was still smiling from ear to ear as he reached down and scratched the top of my head. Back in the mirror, I saw myself as a child, that little girl crying as my mother fought to get me into a dress. I was sad for only a moment and then, there I was, a little boy, running though the backyard with one of my favorite plastic fighter jets just as I had done so many times. I was filled with such emotion as I watched that little boy grow before my eyes and stop in the present, my own vision of my true self staring back at me. I looked to Loki and then back to the mirror, and suddenly, I was gone from the reflection. Loki stood alone, or so I thought. I took note that as I lifted my arms or made strange faces, so did Loki. This confused me at first, but then I understood. When I awoke, I had the most amazing feeling. I was aware for the first time in my life that I was many things in one. Most importantly, I realized that my connection to Loki was much deeper than I had ever imagined — he is within me, and I within him. This knowledge gave me great comfort at at time when I felt alone, and gave me the courage to move forward with my every changing transformation.

For those who seek Loki — you will most definitely find him. We do not chose him, he chooses us! Those of us transforming, evolving, awakening, and embracing the many aspects of ourselves will find Loki’s encouragement. It is through the journey of healing and evolving ourselves that we show our greatest love for Loki, and for Self. If ever you seek Loki, know he is never far. Find your mirror, peer into your own eyes, and you will see him staring back!


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3 responses to “Mirror, Mirror…

  • lokisgungnir

    wow thank you for sharing this amazing dream 🙂 it really must have been a great feeling! i hope i will have that too one day!

    if i may say something about tom hiddleston. i find it interesting, that so many people say he fits loki and that many people imagine loki just like him…that is a little bit odd to me…i mean…i became a huge fan of him after watching thor, he played marvel loki perfectly and he fits him, but i could not imagine loki exactly like anyone on this planet. i have my image, but could never say ‘look at this pic, loki looks like this to me’. i don’t mean to offend anyone by saying this, it only doesn’t fit for me. of course, as a shapeshifter he can appear like anyone to his followers, but i am glad that it’s not the same with me. i would get too confused with that…like if that image would stick to my mind and i’d think about him, ask him for help and tom hiddleston pops up i wouldn’t know if that’s just loki or actually tom hiddleston…do you know what i mean? i just prefer keeping them seperate…

  • Katie Anderson

    I had a similar experience not so long ago. I looked into a mirror that flowed like water, and in it, the reflection I saw was that of a beautiful grey wolf with ice blue eyes. I’ve known for a long time of my associations with wolf, both as a totem in my life, and in a shapeshifting context. The most recent of these experiences presented me with what was either a ‘mental-shift’ or possession by a wolf spirit.

    • Lucien von Wolfe

      Thanks for the comments! Mental shifts seem more plausible to me. I have not personally been possessed by the wolf spirit, yet at the same time, there has also been a definite combining within me of wolf/human.

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