On this eve of May, toss your worries aside and  embody the Court Jester as He makes his way throughout the lands stirring passions and childlike whimsical cheer. Spin ’round in circles until your silly, dizzy, and without a care. In those moments when you find yourself giggling uncontrollably and high with the energies of the night, know Loki is right beside you!

Happy Walpurgisnacht, Lokeans!


About Lucien von Wolfe

I am a Lokean and a LHP Occultist. I am a Transman with interests including the exploration of chaos magick, Rokkr, Northern Tradition Shamanism, Seidr, ancient astronaut theories, the Necronomicon, atheistic Satanism, the Luciferian and Draconian currents, Mesopotamian sorcery, FTM activism, animal advocacy, and much more. View all posts by Lucien von Wolfe

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